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Villages of San Mateo County is a membership-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
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Guide to Volunteer Roles

The Guide to Volunteer Roles provides a bird’s eye view of the wide variety of opportunities available to Village volunteers. There are no limitations to the ways you can serve. Many volunteers prefer not to be “type-casted” into one kind of role and enjoy contributing in multiple capacities.

We require ALL volunteers to complete an initial orientation and undergo a basic background check before jumping in. There are always new and evolving ways to give of your time and talents. This descriptive list of roles covers most of the primary functions.

Hot Roles for Spring 2024! We Need…

1. Photographers: Be an event photographer at activities and excursions. Catch members and volunteers swapping stories over a glass of wine or playing games at an ice cream social. Snap valuable moments as a volunteer assists a member by fixing a faucet or delivering groceries. Capturing these scenes help the Villages promote its mission and share its values. Pictures paint a thousand words.

2. Garden Gurus: Help spearhead the garden program. Foster connections and partnerships with other non-profit organizations, such as Each Green Corner, that are open to planting, maintaining, and harvesting vegetable gardens in members’ yards. Plant a seed and watch potential bloom.

For more information contact the Volunteer Manager, Carol Crehan.
Phone: (415) 666-6435